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Scan on Request

Delivery of your needed items is even faster when you request to have the items scanned at the point of retrieval. Accessing items in storage—from a single document or file to an entire container—is simple with the advanced management system of PRIM through phone, fax, or email. 


Our delivery options include: 

  • Courier delivery

  • Facsimile

  • Priority or overnight mail

  • Document or file scanning with uploading to our image bank for viewing, saving, or printing

Imagine the convenience of having an item scanned upon your request, whether it be a single document, file, or entire container of documents. Not only will your requested item be scanned in a timely manner, but it will be uploaded to an image bank that’s essentially a secure web-based digital storage system. Imagine how much peace of mind you can have knowing that one item or several are in a safe and secure place for you to access at any point. 


With Professional Records Imaging Management, we encourage businesses and organizations throughout Destin and Fort Walton Beach, FL to take advantage of our image bank and scanning solutions. Keep reading to learn why it’s the right choice!

Image Bank